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Fishing in British Columbia is world class!!

No discussion necessary; no arguments or debates can refute it. British Columbia is the sport angling capital of the world.

River-caught male Coho Salmon
Photo: Ex-Stream Steelhead Guide Service, Victoria

Experience the excitement and adrenaline-pumping action of saltwater flyfishing for coho and chinook salmon in our Pacific Ocean waters off coastal BC, Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands), and around Vancouver Island.

Troll the ocean depths for the huge slabs of halibut, challenge your angling skills by flyfishing for the beautiful steelhead on the rivers of Vancouver Island, fish for the land-locked kokanee salmon, or go for Gerrard rainbow on Kootenay Lake, the largest trout in the world, at four to five feet.

Plan your lake or river fishing vacation here - explore British Columbia's world-class steelhead, trout and salmon rivers. Discover the joys of flyfishing BC's majestic rivers for salmon, rainbow and steelhead. And then there are over ten thousand lakes to fish!

There are so many fishable lakes in British Columbia that even if you managed to try a different lake each day of the year, you would have to start young and have a very long life (and maybe a floatplane) to visit them all. Hundreds of pleasant trophy lakes are easily reached and fished with simply a vehicle with good ground clearance, a car-top or inflatable boat or float tube, and the right tackle.

Discover the main sport fish species with a photo of each, accompanied by a short description of their life-cycles, environment and feeding habits. Read our fishing reports by local fishing guides and experienced fishing writers - take note of their tips and techniques to aid you in landing that elusive big one! Local store operators and outfitters will know about the lakes and streams in their areas and will be able to recommend what flies or lures to try, according to the season.

Catch-and-release with a single barbless hook has become the official operative byword for those anglers fishing ocean-bound streams and rivers in BC. Once hooked, do not over tire your catch or mishandle it when landing, causing abrasions that can lead to disease. Simply grasp the shank of the hook and lift the hook bend upwards for the most effective release. Attitude means a lot in fishing. Remember that the essence if sport angling is to try and hook a fish on the most sporting terms you can handle, from light tackle with artificial lures, barbless hooks, and delicate leaders to a belief that a trout is much more valuable as a living challenge to your skill than as part of your meal.

Fishing on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast of BC
Fishing in British Columbia

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